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Red ÄŒuvara Grada Zagreba
The Guardians of Zagreb (Red Cuvara grada Zagreba) is a non-profit association of citizens engaged in promotion, development and improvement of Croatian and European medieval historical re-enactment and cultural heritage.
The Association is engaged in living history according to the world´s latest and most actual principles, achievements and rules in historical re-enactment (lat. historia revivata). Its members create concepts of re-enacted personas (lat. persona revivata) within one or more sub concepts set in one precisely specified temporal, spatial, historical and social phenomenon. According to the classification of authenticity in the world of historical reenactment (Farb/Mainstream/Historically correct), The Guardians of Zagreb are intent on keeping the highest level of historical correctness (Historically correct), by precisely focusing their chosen concepts of reenactment towards one style, time frame, technology and fashion. By continual studying and corrections, the Guardians keep increasing the levels of historical correctness of their re-enacted characters.
The Association in its primary concept re-enacts the crusader order of the knights Hospitaller, according to the historical Order of St. John as it was in the 12th and 13th century, when it was actively present in the whole Europe, as well as on Croatian historical grounds. According to the chosen concept, historical documents, archaeological finds and reconstructions, the members of The Guardians build a structured organization which shows the way of life and activities of such a military order - the variety of its members from the lowest to the highest position, fighting aspect, reconstruction, arms and armour, clothes, furniture, medical techniques, free time and all the other things which help create a complete story that always has room for the new and even more historically correct improvements. All of that for the purpose of creating quality free time, interest and hobby, but also for the presentation of all the things learned, gathered, constructed or trained at various historical re-enactmet events (tournaments, medieval fairs, battle anniversaries) or other cultural or tourist events (general fairs, promotion of local and national tourism, history and heritage), as well as through humanitarian, promotional or documentary work. As a part of the Association´s primary concept, The Guardians use historical heraldic markings of a historical concept, not to assume them as their own or usurp their copyright or sovereignty, but exclusively for the purpose of creating the most true historical presentation of the re-enacted personas and concepts.
The Guardians of Zagreb also plan to develop other conceptual forms of historical re-enactmet within its researches and activities.
The Guardians of Zagreb are situated in Zagreb and currently have 40 active members.
For all information you can browse our website: www.cuvari.hr
or e-mail us on: cuvarigradazagreba@gmail.com

You can also like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CuvariGZ
and follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/CuvariGZ
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