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Groups and organizations in Poland

Leśny Witeź
As a group of history enthusiasts living in Lodz been called from within the ranks of the other teams, we decided at the turn of 2011/2012 roku set up your own. We are a group of young, enthusiastic people who made ??a number of achievements are as unaffiliated or members of other teams. Our main fields of interest are the origins and beginnings of the Slavs, particularly the Polish state. So play the Slavs - since the first mention in the annals of Antach biznatyjskich and Sklawenach the first Piast times. The development of the history and culture of the people of great influence to neighboring peoples, and so we welcome people who want to play the material culture of Balts, Hungarians or the Avars and others. In our ranks will place warriors, women and artisans. Our goal is to develop, teach in their profession - whether it wojaczce, or weaving and pass on knowledge through demonstrations and workshops. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our group and information about our activities.
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The Institute of Creative Actions
Teaching history through experience by promoting the living history idea in local communities.
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Events in Poland

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Attractions in Poland

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