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Anakron Living History
This Medieval Living History and Combat Group´s objective is for the Members to recreate several aspects of Medieval Daily life and War Campaigns as a form of personal avocation and also as an attraction to the public.

General Information
The Age of Swords & Shields, Bows & Arrows, Knights & Horses, Kings & Castles, Courtship and Chivalry Beckons You!

Anakron Living History brings people with an active interest in medieval history together to recreate and live medieval life as a pastime. Regular group sessions take members back to medieval times whereby in typical clothing and settings they emulate their preferred role within the society. Cooking, socialising, playing medieval games, practicing artisan crafts or medieval musical instruments and dancing are just some of the activities which take place during such sessions.

Our Military members specialise in historical combat weapon training such as sword fighting, spear or halberd drills, and shooting ranged weapons such as archery bows and crossbows. Field maneuvers, unit drills and basic marching are amalgamated with informative presentations and constructive discussions providing our members with a good interactive insight and knowledge of medieval life, culture, society and warfare.

Those members who would like attain a higher level of proficiency and to master the art of the weapons they wield may also do so by means of specialised instructive courses with qualified tutors. Musicians also have their own supplementary sessions to practise a repertoire of several medieval and original tunes.

The group organises several outdoor activities such as camping, trekking, horse riding and outdoor cooking, while indoor activities include meals and feasts. All is done in typical medieval style and setting, using only faithfully reproduced period clothing, equipment and accessories.

Anakron Living History also participates in a variety of local and foreign public events or festivals organised by various entities including the government, local councils, cultural / heritage foundations and the private sector. During such events the group offers various packages and performs several displays and demonstrations depending on what is requested by the respective organisers.

The group also boasts a huge variety of full scale authentic and functional props, furniture, tents, equipment and attractions. This renders the group highly active within the education and entertainment sector; regularly participating in spectacle shows, photo shoots, documentaries, animations and film projects, including a major contribution to the local masterpiece, ´Adormidera´.

Anyone above the age of 15 may join Anakron Living History. Underage individuals are also welcome if accompanied by a parent / legal guardian member. No experience or equipment is required upon recruitment as prospective members are guided accordingly by our cheerful and helpful team and duly given all the information and assistance they may need.

Whether you might require our service to enhance your event and realise your ideas, or would be interested in joining our ever-growing team, feel free to contact us via any source posted at the back of this brochure. We guarantee to ease any contemporary troubles and take you on a journey back in time, to that particular place in history WHERE YOU BELONG!

The Time has Come to Live the Life!!!

Email: info@anakron.net
Follow us: https://www.facebook.com/AnakronLivingHistory
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Show of Arms
A Maltese re-enactment group ranging from the 12th Century middle ages up to the baroque era. Sword fighters train under a fully qualified Maestro d´ Armi (Daniel Sammut). Other members practice archery using longbows.
Available for demonstrations at Festivals, Heritage Sites, Corporate Events, for Media Projects and education.
Email: showofarms@gmail.com or call (00356)79866618
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