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Groups and organizations in Italy

Sbandieratori e Musici Città di Legnano - Flagwavers of Legnano
A Flag-waver group from Legnano, in Lombardy, which offers splendid performances to impress the audience and evoke images of ancient belonging. www.sbandieratorilegnano.it
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Bandierai e Musici di Castel San Barnaba
The group "Bandierai e Musici di Castel San Barnaba´, active for over a decade in the field of historical re-enactments, was born in the spirit of the important historical re-enactment of the Palio of Diotto, for the celebrations for the inauguration of the Vicar of Castel San Barnaba, today Scarpeia, who was sent by the Florentine for the control of the Mugello land, and has participated in important events in recent years in the Italian and European territory with multiple performances.
The ancient art of wielding flags has its origins in the twelfth century, when the ensign with his flag games gave precise information on the movements of the enemy. In the early Italian Renaissance, with the end of the battles, the art of the flag became a festive way to express their talent during a party at the court of the Florentine de ´Medici family.
The group, composed of ten permanent flag-wavers and twenty musicians, divided between snare, imperial´s drum and the trumpets, can afford to show off their skills in teams of four to ten athletes with one or two flags, in addition to more traditional "couple" and the "single", offering their availability throughout the year except for the period of the celebration of our town, from mid-August to mid September.
We kindly suggest you to contact us to ask for an estimate or simply to have some information more via e-mail adress: info@castelsanbarnaba.it, or by calling us to these numbers: +39 328-717 55 47 (Gian Luca Pasquini)
Please visit our site:
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Italia Medievale
Per tutti gli appassionati del Medioevo italiano
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