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In the Viking village of Storholmen you will receive a historical experience, regardless of age. Here you will encounter exciting people from the east as well as the west, teaching you ancient handicrafts, and telling you about the every day life of viking age.

When you mention the word ?Viking? to anyone they will conjure up images of fierce warriors burning and slaughtering their way across Europe. But the Vikings had more sides to their nature too, which is shown at Storholmen Viking Village, situated north of Sweden?s capital city Stockholm. Visitors are encouraged to take part in activities that demonstrate how everyday life was led in the Viking Age

The focus of the village is on the home life of the Vikings. Visitors are encouraged to take part in activities that demonstrate how everyday life was led in the Viking Age. The Vikings were maybe, in order, first of all farmers, then craftsmen, merchants, seamen and then of course some men were ? as they are known for ? warriors, more or less like pirates.

The Storholmen Viking Village is a Experimental Open Air Museum. The artefacts you see there is the buildings, the exhibition and ? the people you meet! All dressed in authentic clothing, doing the everyday life things, almost always in the way it was done 1000 years ago. And how do they know that, you may wonder? Well, by trying, by doing experiments and of course ? by deep studies. So, everyone you meet there, will tell you stories how life presumably were led at this very place in the Viking Age.

The sound of the village blacksmith working at his anvil rings throughout the village and he toils over creating iron goods; from arrow heads to decorative jewellery. Beautiful glass beads are made in a clay furnace. You will here music and dance, but don?t be surprised if you are asked to join in! Laughter can also be heard when stories of the old gods are told to the delighted listener, regardless of their age. Other crafts, from wood carving to making silver jewellery, can sometimes be seen, and you may even be able to go for a sail on the lake in a large Viking boat. Viking games are also on show, ranging from trials of strength to hilarious feats of agility. Again, don?t be surprised if you find yourself hopping on one leg while trying to knock other competitors over!

Then the foundation Stiftelsen Storholmen Norden was formed, that runs the village today. The purpose of Storholmen Norden is to give insight in the complexity of Viking society to visitors, to offer a broader view of Viking age than the public often have, to offer several images so that people can question images made of Viking age (or any certain history), and to enthuse people for historical crafts. Idea is to educate with the help of living history and experiments and to research. The basic information for the houses, tools and artefacts comes both from individual excavations as well as general information. There were no archaeologists involved at the start but by now, some archaeologists are involved as tour guides, developer of historical programs and in the foundation board. The museum consists of a house, storage and smithy. The Vikingabyn is scene for experiments, but seldom in long-term projects. There have been many experiments over the years, but less documented than wished for. These experiments were on iron melting, bronze and silver casting, building techniques, glass-bead making, fermented bred in clay oven, ceramics et cetera. Some crafts have been tried for years and perfected by certain people. It are people from the support club of Storholmen often together with an archaeologist from the foundation that perform this experiments and crafts.
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opening hours for 2013: 9 July - 3 August 12.00 - 16.00 Mon - Fri
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