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Ozark Medieval Fortress

The project of Ozark Medieval Fortress is remarkable because it is putting into practice 13th century work methods, techniques and tools to build a castle in the middle of a forest, on a natural site that provides all the necessary building materials: water, stone, earth, sand, and wood.

The primary goal of the Ozark Medieval Fortress project is to reproduce with utmost authenticity the technology used in the 13th century with the only limitation that of safety.

We Encourage Interaction between Workers and Visitors

We are building a human structure that is more than a pile of beautifully arranged rocks. The workers will transmit their know-how to visitors. The fortress is a place where knowledge will be transmitted orally every day. For part of each day the workers and craftsmen will respond to questions from the time-travelers who are watching the Middle Ages trying in action.

The Ozark Medieval Fortress is a living and permanently developing tableau of history where tourists, students of all ages, researchers and the staff of the fortress will come together.

This unique experience that the fortress offers will bring alive the intersection where book knowledge meets the fascinating and colorful reality of the Middle Ages. The experience of visiting the fortress will hopefully inspire students of all ages to support educational and scientific studies.

Each stage of work is validated by a committee of scientists to ensure the credibility of the building.
Living History
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Ozark Medieval Fortress
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