Participation fee for World Convention, 10 days
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Basic use and functions are all for free!


Our software is specialized on history. We start out with the middle ages (AD 500-1500) but all other eras from iron age to nowadays will follow.
For any era the interactive map of Europe is the operation center, which you can look at here:

It gives you an overview of all the entries in any country. For countries which cannot be seen on the map, we designed the category ?International? so anything related to
history can be entered, even if it is not situated in an European country.

Using other social networks like FB, Google+? can be good, but working in the field of history, using a specialized software can be much more helpful. For professionals
or medievalists we hold a lot of interesting functions in stock. These functions and their benefits I will explain later (See Premium-Possibilities)


In order to start using our social network, one has to create a personal account first. To sign up, please fill out the form by following this link:

After having activated your personal account by clicking the activation-link, which you will get via email, you can log in to your account.


In order to create all kinds of entries, you will have to create an organization beforehand. Please log in, then you will see your home-site/profile.
Click on the menu My... and choose Organizations. There you will find a button with which you can create as much organizations as you want.
Organizations represent, institutions, groups, ideas, museums or enterprises. You can create a fellowship, sharing information with it and organizing events, exhibitions, markets or conferences.


In order to communicate information, finding people who are interested in it and getting feedback for it, enterprises, institutions or scientists can spend a fortune to achieve this goal. With a premium-entry we can support you in doing so without spending a fortune. Basic entries can be updated to PREMIUM whether it is a personal account, an organization, event or landmark.

Beforehand you can simply test the benefits by clicking on PREMIUM in the navigation on the left. Click the button Order premium-entry. Then you can choose what you want to update to premium-status, and for how long. You can test PREMIUM for free for anything by choosing it on this site.The test-term ends automatically without an automatic prolongation.

In order to see what possibilities there are, just click on the following link, it is a premium-organization of the city of Tarascon in Provence south of France:

As you can see a premium entry is like an own internet site on middle-ages.com. You can choose the subdomain, enter your own signature, meta key words & description and much more. Also all entries are in all languages in which our software is operating. For now in English, French & German (Spanish & Italian is in translation!)

PRICELIST FOR PREMIUM-ENTRIES: (Valid untill 31. december 2013 inclusively)

+ Single entry: 59,- EUR/year - 99,- EUR/2 years
+ Tripple entry: 149,- EUR/year - 275,- EUR/2 years
+ 5 entries: 239,- EUR/year - 439,- EUR/2 years
+ 50 entries: 399,- EUR/year - 599,- EUR/2 years
+ Flatrate: 649,- EUR/year - 999,- EUR/2 years

For the future much more functions are planned, like an image database, calendar exchange server, a mobile app, content sensitive adds, used products marketplace, job offers and much more...

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions, suggestions or problems.